A Response to the Response to my eSports Article

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February 7, 2013 by The Ascending Staircase

So I sent my piece about eSports and League of Legends to a website called MoonProject (check it out, it’s brilliant: moonproject.co.uk) then sent the link to my brother, who helped me write it. He posted it on his Reddit and I managed to get around 7000 views in one day and his post was filled with comments and discussions. Some were really positive, for which I am grateful. Some were very constructive, which I have taken the time to read and note for my future writing. Some were downright awful. I’m totally not used to the controversy so I wasn’t sure how to react. What I have decided is to post about it today, in my own territory. It probably won’t get viewed as much as if I’d commented under my article, or posted on Reddit but I think I have a fairer chance of being listened to here
Oh, and to all those people who thought that my brother wrote the article and I was fictitious, you should probably have Googled my name before you made up your mind. Made me laugh though.

Thanks to everyone who has supported or read my article! This was my first MoonProject submission and I can’t believe how many views it’s had, and how much furore it seems to have created. However, a few people have made some comments that I’d like to address.
Firstly, this article was not written for the fans of LoL, or of eSports. Sorry, nothing personal. I mean that it was written for people who have no or very little understanding of this subject. It is all very daunting at first and I hoped to portray it clearly and concisely. If I have managed this, my work here is done.
Secondly, I used the word ‘cult’ which many people have scrutinsed. This is not used in a religious or negative sense. I mean it as more of a following, or stereotype. People do stereotype gamers, but I feel that they are vastly outgrowing the conventions once typically associated with gaming. That was the point I was trying to make.
Thirdly, I used a football comparison because it is something that people who know nothing of eSports may relate to. It helps to have that marker in order to grasp the concept. I am NOT trying to say that if you participate in eSports you are not able to play physical sports. I never say this in my article, nor insinuate it. Many of my friends who play LoL and other such games do more exercise than me, so I’d be a hypocrite if I said this. I do recognise that by using football I have confined my target audience to mainly British people but, to be honest, I didn’t think my article would get further than that.
I also based the comments on racism and sexism on stories I found and that my brother told me about the community. Players do get banned for continuously making racist comments, most of which are in the heat of the moment -perhaps Riot Games are better at sorting this out than I have given them credit for. Also, to have all-female teams and leagues is not averting sexism. It is segregation. There is no reason why guys and girls can’t play together in LoL (in fact, all eSports), and this issue needs to be raised. I think the conversation that took place on Reddit simply proves this. Contrary to popular belief, we girls do not have cooties so please play nicely.
As for the article not being very journalistic, I agree with you. However, please bare in mind that this was my very first article to be submitted to something like MoonProject. I am an English Literature student so I typically write either very analytically or very creatively. I believe journalism is a delicate balance of both which I have not completely figured out yet.
Finally, I am sorry if I have not expanded on some points or if I have left certain things out, but I could not make the article longer. It is probably already too long as it is. As is this comment. So I shall leave you by saying thanks for reading and thank you very much for your feedback, which I genuinely do appreciate and have taken on board.


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