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Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Sophie Bannister. Here, get to know me a little better…

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in July 2014 with a degree in English Literature, and now I’m studying for an MA, in the same subject, at the University of Leeds. I hope to study for a PhD afterwards – I already have some ideas in mind. Then, I hope to change the world in some way, small or large.

My interests vary. They depend on factors like current affairs, the books I’m reading, and the everyday influences surrounding me. However, some of my – more stable – research interests are; fantasy novels (of all varieties), fairy tales, religion, surveillance studies/culture, Michel Foucault, Slavoj Zizek, war and trauma, and, rather more recently, the influence of ‘mimesis’.

This blog comes and goes in my life; there are extended periods of time where I have posted nothing, and other times where I have posted religiously. I started it in my second year at MMU, and since then both my writing style and my interests have changed considerably. This blog, looking back, showcases my progression from a relatively unrefined undergraduate to a rather more focused postgraduate. I like seeing this change.

I think I started this as a way to write creatively; something that I didn’t allow myself the luxury of within my degree programme (though the option was there). Now, however, I think I will try to use it as a means of presenting my critical work, which has become much more important to me.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something to pique your interest here.


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